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Come listen to the epically charged music of the one and only KAlYST



Wisconsin born native Taylor Borsheim has been involved in music one way or another his whole life. From learning to play the cello and piano at a very young age, to being a lead in choir, there was always a microphone or instrument in his hands. Kalyst is the hip hop manifestation side of his creativity.  

Musically inspired by all genres throughout all the decades, Kalyst gives a style of realism and truth. A self-seeker, whom asks the listener to do the same. Kalyst's music is more relevant in this time than any other.

With 5 solo cd's, 3 different group cd's, countless collaborative tracks, and over 300 shows performed in over 15 states, the 9 year MC is only getting started.

Now residing in Denver, Colorado, the Wisconsin native has his eyes set on #FollowYOURDreams, a collaborative Cd with Joe Cyrus.  The CD features fellow MC's BLU, Kno, Supastition, Blueprint, Blaise B., and more!

- M.D.M. Member/Cypher Circuit Member -

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