The Weekend

by Kalyst
Thunder & Rain.jpg

Thunder & Rain

by Kalyst

Fog Lights

by Kalyst, Sarah Monroe, and Joe Cyrus
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Rising From The Depths

by Kalyst/Modern Day Mutants

released August 1, 2016

Artwork for "Rising from the Depths' was done by James Hattaway (Link Below) 

Production By: Mr. Kooman, Rpt23, Chris Faeth, Joe Cyrus, NSF, Ours Surplus, Macapella and MORE! 

Features Include: Tiffany Duncan, Father Focus Confucius, Ar3a, Joe Cyrus, Evan Morgan, Simon Sed, & Charles Watson. 

Cuts By: Bunty Beats and DJ Trickalome

The Kaliester Krowley Experience Cover.jpg

The Kaliester Krowley Experience

by Kalyst

Kalyst's 4th Studio Release came on November 8th, 2013 in the for of "The Kaliester Krowley Experience", a play off of the English occultist Aleister Crowley.

Half of this cd was recorded and engineered in La Crosse Wisconsin, Kalyst's hometown, and the other half at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. All of the tracks on this cd were engineered by Kalyst.

This CD contains some of Kalyst's best work to date, solo or collaborative wise. With a play on the time of day in the day Kaliester Krowley, the CD starts at 9 a.m. with "The Morning Fuck", featuring fellow MDM label mate and San Diego CA native Keen Senzes. From that track on, the story tells itself.

Kalyst's first release off of this CD was 'So Much", which also has a music video. Shot and directed by Authintik Linen, "So Much" is a song that was written by Kalyst, and appears to be about a girl or relationship, but however, is to music, when things weren't going the way they could have. The beat is produced by Chris Faeth



Kalyst & Focus - Kids With Matches.jpg

Kids with Matches

by Kalyst

For Kalyst's THIRD Release, Kalyst Teamed Up With Father Focus Confucius (FFC) To Bring To You "Kids With Matches" FFC Produced 5 Custom Beats, And Kalyst Laid The Vocals. Available on BandCamp. (Released 5-26-2013) 
With Kalyst's third release, M.D.M. Presents: "Kids With Matches", is a Collaborative EP With Focus Confucius Presenting Some Of His Best Beat Work To Date, And Kalyst On The Vocals With Some Of His Most Stripped Down Raw Exposure. 

The title track, which has the only feature on the EP with Kennedy Vaaler, is an upbeat, great feeling song. According to Kalyst, this is one of his personal favorite songs to perform live as well. 

The second track, entitled "Dear World", addresses Kalyst's parents and grandparents, who raised him. One of the most intimate and revealing songs to date that he has released. 

From the trippy hallucinogen-influenced "Cosmic Travels" to the H.istory O.f R.ock A.nd R.oll, or the track titled H.O.R.A.R., and finishing the EP with "The K-Hole", Kids With Matches is a well balanced, classic showing of Kalyst. 

Sodium Amytol Cover (1).jpg

Sodium Amytol

by Kaylst

Kalyst's SECOND solo CD 'Sodium Amytol' It's Available On BandCamp & DigiStation. (Released 4-19-12) 

With the success of Shock Value, Kalyst began his next project, to which he entitled "Sodium Amytol", or truth syrum, as it can be commonly referred to. The object of this cd was growth, self awareness, and maturity... 

The first release from this project was the track "If", which was also the first video Kalyst ever shot, and directed himself. A track about dealing with what you have in front of you, dealing what you've done behind you, and the fear of what's to come. "If", although raw in the video aspect, is still one of Kalyst's most viewed online songs to date.


CKC Be Cool.jpg

Be Cool (Vol. 1)

by Cool Kids Committee

After about a year with MDM, and doing shows with Focus Confucius, A.r.E.a., & Eclips, the CkC or Cool Kids Committee was born. Hundreds of shows, all over the mid-west, as well as local award for best local MC's followed. It was something to see..... The released their only group CD to date in 2011


Shock Value

by Kalyst

Kalyst's FIRST CD 'SHOCK VALUE' Is Now Available on Itunes, CD Baby, and Digistation, all under KALYST! (Released 5-18-2011)

Kalyst's first official cd release came with Shock Value. With his own mic and a little studio set up, Kalyst starts to pick his own beats, have custom beats made for him, purchases rights and ownership of his music. With the help of his new label mates, MDM, he begins to learn to engineer his own music.

His first release off this cd, was the FFC produced song entitled "Rear View Mirror". A Smooth bass-line driven beat, it quickly caught the ears of the local bar heads.

The first track, !Kalyst! became an anthem and is still to date one of the fan favorites at shows. Produced by FFC, is a flip of a classic White Stripes track, and it gives people a chance to scream.

Raw Skin (1).jpg

Raw Skin

by Kalyst

Kalyst's first recordings, were put on a mixtape called "Raw Skin", which was released to the internet in October of 2010. Recorded at The Band Center in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Raw Skin consists of raw recorded vocals, and a young mc figuring himself out as well as the recording process. At the time, Kalyst was a part of Commission Ent., which, are the only other artists on this mixtape that are featured. 

The song "Bubbles" was aired on z93.3 FM, a local radio station, and quickly became one of the fan favorites at shows. Notorious for getting people on the bar, and guys an easy feel, "Bubbles" was a great entrance to the music game. 

Bubbles was followed by the release of "Summertime" Over a Commission Ent. production, Summertime is a feel good track that quickly caught the ear of locals and local MC's. A Remix featuring Dino Rashaad and Cutty Currency is floating around on the internet somewhere.... Also receiving radio play, Summertime was a glimpse of things to come...



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